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Overheard At The Giants Parade

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“I heard Madonna was going to be here, but she’s in the hospital suffering from Post-Super Bowl exhaustion.”

‘While we’re down here we should find some bankers and rough them up.”

“I just saw Rex Ryan down the street eating a cheeseburger
and mumbling “the Jets are better than the Giants.”

I thought the new iPhone went on sale.”

“Great parade.
The only thing better would be if
the Patriots had to stay and clean up the mess.”

“Damn!! Eli looks like this kid from high school I used to beat up every day.”

I thought this was a pep rally for the new NBC show “Smash”, Monday nights at 10″

“This really isn’t such a big crowd when you consider
half the people here have the last name “Mara.”

“Are you staying for the Jeremy Lin parade?”

“And to think,  just a few weeks ago Victor Cruz was making plans to give salsa dancing lessons in the off-season to make some extra cash.”

I thought this was the Blackberry “Returns” line.


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