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Overheard At The Gay Pride Parade In NYC

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Being gay is so in that I’m thinking of turning straight.


I heard next year they are going to have a parade
just for people who are bi.
Only difference?
That parade goes in two directions,
instead of one.


Is that John Travolta?


Hey, look over there…
straight people protesting because
they don’t have their own parade.


You know what I’d like to see:
One gay guy who is out of shape!
Or doesn’t have a gym membership.


That guy looks just like John Travolta!


Gay Pride Parade???
I thought this was the Gay Prude Parade.
That explains why there are so many flamboyant people here.


I’m I still considered gay if
I never thought Will and Grace was funny?


You know what would be fabulous?
Big ballons overhead like the Macys Thanksgiving Parade.
Except, instead of Snoopy, we’d have Neil Patrick Harris.


That’s definitely John Travolta!


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