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Notes from the Grammys

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Last Sunday Christina Aguilera flubbed the words to our National Anthem at the Super Bowl.
This Sunday she fell at the Grammys.
Which reminds me…I need to cancel our plans for next Sunday.  

In an upset, Arcade Fire won the Grammy for  “Album of the Year” FUN FACT: Of all the albums released in 2010, theirs was the only one that did not feature Rihanna.

The people who work for Bob Dylan must be scared of him.
I can’t think of any other explanation why no one would tell him to clear his throat before going on stage.

Mick Jagger was tremendous. I hope I have that kind of energy when I’m 67.
Although, I also hope I don’t weigh 95 pounds.

Esperanza Spalding won the Best New Artist Grammy,
beating out Justin Beiber, among others.
By the way, “Esperanza”, I just found out, is Spanish for “WHO?”

A lot of people were asking why Bono wasn’t there last night.
He’s in hiding until the Broadway Musical “Spiderman” is shut down.

Whose idea was it to have the Muppets
performing on a song with the original title of “F.U.”???
What the hell was the deal with Cee Lo dressed up like a peacock?
Isn’t it common knowledge that Big Bird’s contract specifically states…and I quote… “Under no circumstances can any other Muppet be a bird, without the expressed written consent of Big Bird”?
And how did Gwyneth Paltrow all of a sudden become a “singer?”

Lady Gaga arrived in an egg,
emerged from it on stage,
then sang her new song.
How “arty!!”.
If she really wanted to be “arty”
she should have turned herself into an omelette
….with a side of bacon and home fries.

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