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Notes From Super Bowl XLV

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The year is 2011. We take pictures with our cell phones, we download music onto our iPods and we watch 700 channels on our HD TVs. Don’t you think at this point Roman Numerals are a bit outdated? I’m pretty sure they will not be making a comeback anytime soon. Plus, who has the time to sit around and try and figure out what number it represents? 

Several NFL teams are interested in signing Anderson Cooper, after he proved last week he can take a hit

Why the Black Eyed Peas? The biggest game of the year deserves more than just a group named after a side dish. Was Meatloaf not available?

The TV commercial for my blog did not run as planned. When I called FOX they gave me some lame excuse about me not paying them 3-million dollars. I think the real reason is I’m a Democrat.

It was the first Super Bowl ever without cheerleaders. I was worried, but somehow the teams managed to get through the whole game without a hitch

Good news for the economy: The pre-game show employed 56 on-air commentators

What were the odds that Eminem would star in two Super Bowl commercials? Or that Adrien Brody would sing in one? (How many people watching actually knew it was Adrien Brody ?How many people actually know who he is?)

Proof that this country has come a long way: The choice of”Glee” to air right after the game

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