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News from Planet Earth…the Laughingstock of the Universe

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ACTUAL HEADLINES/ACTUAL INSANITY (just from the last couple of days)… 

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World’s Most Expensive Purse Worth $3.8 Million (Good luck finding a matching pair of shoes!)

EasyJet Offers Israeli Fliers Choice of Ham or Bacon (…and some Manischewitz Wine to wash it all down)

Woman Finds Alligator Chillin’ Behind Couch (How does an alligator chill? Watching “Sportscenter?”)

World’s Biggest Family: 39 Wives, 94 Kids (If all 39 wives want a divorce I bet a certain Florida Law Firm would gladly change its policies in exchange for the business)

Study: Gastric Bypass Works Better Than Lap-Band (And no McDonalds & Twinkies works even better than both)

Half of America’s Pets Are Fat (Do they have Lap-Band surgery for pets?)

Woman Jailed After Girl Scout Cookie Brawl (I understand…I would fight someone for a box of Thin Mints too)

Woman Saved By Pizza-Only Diet (It seems to me there is a food theme happening here)

This Guy Has Too Much Time On His Hands (Obviously, so do I)

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