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News from Planet Earth: The Laughingstock of the Universe

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ACTUAL HEADLINES/ACTUAL INSANITY (just from the last couple of days)…

* click on stories for full articles

Installing a Camera in a Man’s Head Proves to be Painful (You mean to tell me he had to actually have it installed to find out it was painful?)

“Too Much Facebook May Lead To Eating Disorder/Study:The More Teen Girls Spend on Network, Greater Their Chances” (Follow-up study: Too much MySpace leads to teens becoming extremely unpopular)

Man Runs 365 Marathons in 365 Days (and I ran on a treadmill…3 weeks ago)

State Rep: My Hooters Career Got Me Where I Am Today (She has a point...both careers are sleazy)

Report: A-Rod Ballistic Over Popcorn Video from Super Bowl (I’d be mad too if they put me on TV while sitting in a luxury suite at the Super Bowl with Cameron Diaz)

Man Hid Drugs in Penis: Cops (Click if you’d like, but I do NOT want to hear the details)

700,000 Condoms Missing in Japan (In a related story, 700,000 Japanese women are now pregnant)

Woman Dies After Butt Implant Surgery at a  Philadelphia Hotel (And I always thought Hampton Inn only provided open-heart surgery for their guests)


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