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More “Sets of Three”

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Theories On Why Wile E. Coyote Is After Roadrunner:

1. There’s a difference of opinion over who’s the star of the show.
2. Roadrunners are tasty.
3. He really doesn’t want to get him. It’s all just product placement for Acme.


Things Mitt Romney Will Say In The Next Week:

1. “I’m not rich. Don’t believe me? Ask my chauffeur.”
2. “Don’t believe my chauffeur? Then ask my chauffeurs’ chauffeur.”
3. “I can’t believe gas is only $5 a gallon.”

Most Popular Hanson Brothers Of All-Time:

1. Taylor Hanson
2. Isaac Hanson

3. Zac Hanson


Things People Should NOT Be Doing in 2012:

1. Writing a check at the supermarket.
2. Deciding to go into the pay phone business.
3. Walking around with a Blockbuster card in their wallet.


Signs A Restaurant Sucks:

1. Pictures of their food on the menu.
2. A sign that reads “Follow Us On MySpace.”
3. “All-You-Can-Eat Steak” for $3.99.


Signs A Restaurant Is Fancy:

1. The word “Le” is in the name.
2. The chef  is required to wear a tuxedo while cooking.
3. 17 people standing around you ready to clean up each and every crumb and fill your glass every time you take a sip.


What Happens When You Find A Long-Lost Friend On Facebook:

1. You send them a long private message.
2. They respond with a long private message.
3. You never speak to them again.


Best Flintstones Guest Stars:

1. Stoney Curtis
2. Ann Margrock
3. Ed Sulleystone


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