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True Story:
Yesterday I was on Craigslist (I know what you’re thinking)
and saw an ad that perplexed me. It simply said “Looking for Sewers”.
The first thing I thought of was “Ed Norton/The Honeymooners.”
The second  was “Why would someone be looking for sewers? They are everywhere”
So I clicked on it…read it…then felt like a fool:
“Looking for sewers who are able to do a couple of samples before Friday next week. Fabrics, trims and patterns will be provided.”
Which reminds me of another true story:
I went to the doctor for some head pain. He told me to take “Aleve”.
A friend calls and I tell her what the doctor said.
Two weeks later she calls again and asks me if I was back at work.
I had no idea what she was talking about and told her so.
She explained “The last time we spoke you told me the doctor said you should take a “leave”
…as in a “leave of absence.”
Finally, my wife went into a Manhattan bakery and ask for a “rugelach” (for those of you that don’t know, it’s a Jewish pastry)  The woman gave her a “regular” as in “regular coffee.”

Do you have one you’d like to share with the whole class? If so, please do!

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