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Mike D’antoni On Twitter

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“Well, the good news is I will finally have time to organize my Pez dispenser collection.”


“Do you think it was because of my “non-New York” accent?”


“Do you think it was because of my 70’s moustache?”


“Let’s just say that if I resigned and didn’t quit,
then Jennifer Aniston is a man.
And Melo is a team player.”


“Man, I should have put a lot more time into my March madness picks…
now that I’ll probably be watching every game.”


“They fired my brother too.
And you know he’s not getting another job
until I get one and then hire him.”


“I’m thinking about writing a book about tattoos,
considering I’ve seen basically every design ever.
Up close.”


“I wanted to buy one of those new iPads,
but now I have no job.
Damn you, James Dolan.”

“Screw Linsanity!!”



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