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“Killer” Beatles And Stones Songs…And More “Rock and Roll Minutiae”

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In 1967, 11 Beatles fans died
when they took the song
All You Need Is Love literally
and stopped eating and drinking.
Two years later 3 Stones fans died
after purchasing Let It Bleed.


Jackson Browne added the “e”
to the end of his last name just to be annoying.


Jerry Garcia lost a finger at the age of 4,
and 10-billion brain cells by the age of 44.


83% of people who say they like Joni Mitchell really don’t.


Bob Dylan is similar to Benjamin Button in that
he was born speaking full sentences
and 71 years later he just mumbles like a baby.


Simon and Garfunkel were the first musical act
to allow one of their songs to be used in a TV commercial.
The campaign for The Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme Council
was a huge success.


All 4 original members of the Who signed a secret contract
agreeing to keep the band going, even when they were all dead.



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