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Little Known Major League Baseball Facts

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It’s a misconception that Pete Rose
was nicknamed “Charlie Hustle” because
he always hustled on the baseball field.
The real story is people called him that
because he was a phenomenal disco dancer.


Darryl Strawberry is allergic to strawberries.
However, he is not allergic to cocaine.


While growing up in Mobile, Alabama,
Henry Aaron’s family was always listed first in the phone book.
Then one year, unbeknownst to the Aaron family, a Mr.Walter Aabo moved to town.
When the phone book came out the Aarons discovered they were not first anymore.
So, the next day, Henry Aaron’s dad killed Mr. Walter Aabo with his bare hands.


Yogi Berra once went a whole season without saying anything funny.


To this day, Carl Yastrzemski cannot spell his last name.
Or his first.


Johnny Bench almost quit baseball
his first day in the minor leagues.
Bench thought it was an omen,
and that he would never play,
when he found out that the guy
he was competing with for catcher
was named “Jimmy Starter.”


Alex Rodriguez is an ass (Oops, that’s a “well-known fact”)


Babe Ruth was an amateur ventriloquist and
performed at kids parties in the off season.
The name of his dummy was “Mr.Dum-Dum.”
Babe made him himself  out of broken bats.


During 56-game hitting streak,
Joe DiMaggio ate oatmeal for breakfast every morning.
For some reason, on the morning of the 57th game,
he had Pop Tarts.
DiMaggio never ate Pop Tarts again.


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