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Little Known Jewish Holidays

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Tov Hashta:
The one day a year when  Jewish fisherman everywhere
go out to catch all the gefilte fish needed for the entire year.

Yom L’ov:
The day of the year when all Jewish men
try and fix something around the house.

Pesat Malan:
The next day when a handyman comes to do the job correctly.

Aya Clom:
This pre-Passover Holiday commemorates the day
The Unleavened Bread Lobby (UBL) forced Jews to have a holiday
that would increase the sale of Matzoh. 

The day all 16-year-old Jewish “men” must decide
whether they want to be a doctor or a lawyer.

Mein Glatt:
The one Sunday a year Jews do NOT eat Chinese for dinner.
Created to give all the tired Chinese workers a much-needed day off.

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