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Kate Middleton On Twitter

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“And to think, my last boyfriend
was best known for drinking
20 shots of Tequila in one sitting.”“Can’t wait for our honeymoon…
I simply love the Poconos this time of year.”

“I don’t know what to call the Queen Mother,
so when I want her attention I just say “Yo.”

“I can’t believe that one day
we will live in Buckingham Palace.
I hope by then we can afford
the upkeep on that place.”

“I just found out that all members
of the Royal Family are entitled to
a free Big Mac when you buy a Big Mac.
What a perk!”

“Did you ever see the movie
“Meet the Parents?”
That’s exactly how it went down
when our parents met.”

“Just for the record, I wanted to elope!”

“Something new I learned today:
They don’t make Hallmark Cards
specifically for a Prince.”

“Screw Charlie Sheen…
I’m the one who’s really WINNING.”

“I knew I forgot something…
I never booked a D.J. for the wedding. Damn.”

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