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Just When You Think You’ve Seen It All…

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I think most New Yorkers feel like they’ve seen it all, me included. Seen it all without ever breaking stride. But yesterday I actually saw 2 things I’d never seen before.

In the morning I was walking through the Times Square subway station when I saw a few police officers. As I got closer, I noticed that one of them was more than just a NYC cop.
How did I know that? He was holding a machine gun.

Now the last time I saw someone carrying a machine gun was never. Unless you count the movies. His presence was obviously terrorist-related, but just walking by the gun was terrifying. And intimidating. And…

I’ll tell you one thing: Those toy machine guns are an insult to the real thing. A big insult.

Then in the evening I was on Metro North heading home when the conductor collecting tickets could not get a response from an older woman. Was she trying to dodge the fare or did she faint? She fainted.

The next thing you know, like a superhero, the gentleman sitting directly in back of her gets up, opens his bag, pulls out his stethoscope and starts examining her. He lays her down, stabilizes her, gets her some water and before you know it she’s sitting up and alert. She seems fine.
The doctor sits back down and continues reading his newspaper. The whole episode from beginning to end probably lasted a whole 5 minutes! 

 A machine gun and a stethoscope. An unlikely pair, wouldn’t you say? 

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