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Job Openings

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This blog is not all fun and games. I take on the serious subjects, as well.
Case in point:
Millions of Americans are out of working, trying to find a job…any job.
It’s tough out there, but I am here today with some good new…if you are willing to consider changing careers and re-inventing yourself as the host of your very own TV show.

Just ask Piers Morgan who went from being a judge on some tv talent show (c’mon, that’s not really TV) to Larry King’s replacement! But don’t fret that that job is taken…there are many, many more opportunities out there.

Consider a job as Regis’ replacement. This is the perfect match for someone who only wants to work one hour a day, and doesn’t mind sharing screen time with a perky anorexic.
(Please do not send your resume if you are a senior citizen)

Thanks to Keith Olbermanns’ departure, MSNBC has an opening for a show host at 8pm est. There are only two requirements for this job: applicants must be ultra-liberal…and have a big ego.

Finally the TV job of jobs is just a resume away: Oprah’s replacement!
Applicants must want to be mega-rich beyond their wildest dreams and have a best friend who is extremely likeable. If you are applying for this position, in your cover letter please include a list of some of your “favorite things”.

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