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A guy jilted me on Craig’s List. It’s true, although it’s not what you think.  

I’ll call him Omar, mainly because I can’t for the life of me remember his name.
Omar placed an ad looking for a writer who he could collaborate with on a screenplay.
I replied, suggesting he check out this blog to get a sense of my writing ability.
He did just that, loved it and e-mailed me back.

Well, where do you go from there? Omar and I agreed to speak on the phone to get a sense of each other. We had a good conversation and I found out he has quite an impressive writing career. Best of all, I came to the conclusion that he was not a serial killer or sex offender, but what the hell do I know.

We decided to meet up in about a week at a coffee shop in Manhattan and throw around some ideas. Later on that night he e-mailed me. He had just come back from meeting with another writer who answered his ad and, in his words, it was “love at first sight.” His decision was made. He thanked me for everything, wished me luck and click…he was out of my life. Forever.

It was a whirlwind relationship, lasting almost 24 hours. Almost.
But I came away from it a better person. That’s a lie…I didn’t. But it’s always nice for a story to have a happy ending. Although I guess the real happy ending is I met a guy on Craig’s List and he didn’t kill me.

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