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Jeremy Lin On Twitter/His Secret Account

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“Frankly, I just don’t get it.
People act as if they’ve never seen an Asian guy from Harvard
come out of nowhere and, in the course of a week,
tear up the NBA
and become a national sensation.”

“Every time someone says “Lin-sanity” I make $1.”

“All of my dreams have come true…except one:
Being in the audience for Oprah’s Favorite Things.
Damn that Oprah for retiring.”

“Just my luck…I finally make it and it’s in a place called “MSG.”
“Although, I play better on the road because then it’s “No MSG.” 

“Give me just one week and I will get gas prices down to $1 a gallon.”

“Someone told me they named a street after me in Brooklyn:
LINden Blvd???”

“Answers to questions many of you are asking:
No, I DON’T  play Chinese checkers.

Lucy Lui is NOT  my favorite actress.
And NO, my relatives in China do NOT work on the iPad assembly line.”

“I’m enjoying every single enjoying  of this amazing ride.
Except for the shower after the game.”

“Fired my real estate broker today.
She was showing me an apartment
and asked if I would keep the carpet
or put down LINonleum.”


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