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Jeremy Lin = Lin-sanity

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If you don’t know who Jeremy Lin is, here’s all you need to know:

    • He graduated from Harvard.
    • Lin is the first American player in the NBA to be of Chinese descent.
    • He’s been bouncing around the league…until now, going  from unknown to phenom in 3 games.
    • In his first 3 NBA starts he led the Knicks to 3 straight wins with his sensatonal play at point guard.
    • Most importantly, Lin has become a Twitter sensation, with tons of funny comments, hashtags and puns. 
    • Here are some of the best. They are 100% real. And 100% funny.

“His momma Angelina Jolie is so proud of him.”

“A whole bunch of asian folk gonna think they can ball now. Not only is he scoring a ton of points
but he is also tutoring his teammates children in math.”

“Asian fan is holding up a sign:
“Who says we can’t drive?” Tremendous.
It’s all Jeremy Lin all the time.”

“Why you need ‘Melo when you got yellow?”

“Jeremy Lin didn’t break twitter, but did blow up the Linternet.”


“I looked for a Jeremy Lin jersey online,
but my only option so far is to get a Chinese knockoff.
Of course it is. #linsanity

“If they beat Lakers NYC renames the Statue of Linberty.”


@JLin7 is building a LINstitution.”

“Madison Square GuardLin


“That sounded Lincere RT@HowardBeckNYT I apolingize. RT@DHYLNP@HowardBeckNYT For the love of God please stop with the bad puns!”


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