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Jeremy Lin: A Psychic Predicts His Future

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While flying back to NYC,  the pilot of the Knicks charter flight passes out.
Jeremy takes the controls and safely lands the plane
on top of Madison Square Garden.
To celebrate he takes the entire team out for ice cream.

Jeremy adopts 2 rescue dogs.
However, unlike most people, he actually rescues the golden retrievers
from a burning building.

Leads the Knicks to an NBA Championship (but you knew that already)

Jeremy takes a much-needed vacation.
He goes to Scotland, where he finds and captures the Loch Ness Monster.
Lin brings Nessie back to NYC and lets him sleep on his couch. 

Lin runs for President and wins…becoming the first U.S. President
to have slept on Landry Fields’ couch.
He vows to continue playing for the Knicks
and signs a bill making it illegal to call a foul
on a U.S. President during an NBA game.

For Christmas, Jeremy buys every New Yorker an iPad…
And one of those cool Magic Covers, too.

Lin quits the NBA to pursue an acting career.
His first role?
Starring in “The General Tso Story.”
The movie bombs.
The public’s love affair with him is over.

With no options left, Lin takes the only job he can get:
Contestant on “Dancing With The Stars.”

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