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If Mrs. Herman Cain Were On Twitter

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“Two can play this game: I’m having an affair with the CEO of Pizza Hut.”

“Every time a woman steps forward to claim my husband sexually harassed them,  Herman has to pay me $25,000. To which I say “Keep on groping Herman, keep on groping.”

“Just wondering: If elected, would my husband be the first U.S. President to have made his money in the pizza business?”

“My husband says he only started groping women  to prove he would be a “hands-on” President.”

“Be warned America: Unlike President Obama, my husband sucks at basketball. In fact, as far as U.S. Presidents go, even Millard Fillmore was a better shooter than him.”

“I guess he wasn’t “working late” all those years.”

“How is my husband in the bedroom? Let’s just say “Cain isn’t able.”




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