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If Dr. Conrad Murray Were On Twitter

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“Damn!! What an inconvenience! Now I have to cancel all of those magazine subscriptions for my waiting room.”

“I hope my cellmate doesn’t want to play doctor with me.”

“I hope my cellmate doesn’t try and “take my temperature.”

“Tito did it!!”

“Do you think they will still let me write prescriptions?”

“They should have put Michael in prison when he named his son “Blanket.”

“My lawyers have just requested that the judge give me

“the Lohan Treatment”…

Maybe I should hold off on canceling those subscriptions.

“Now I know why doctors don’t make house calls.”

“I’m confused: What do I do if someone says “Is there a doctor in the house?”

“I have a bet with my lawyers: Does anyone out there in Twitter-Land know the correct spelling of  “propofol?”

$100 is riding on it.”



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