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How Katie Holmes Spent The 4th Of July

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1.Checked her apartment for bugging devices.


2. Answered the phone 37 times.
All hangups.


3. Watched Mission:Impossible to brush up on spying tactics.


4. Went to Redbox and returned Mission:Impossible
and all of her other Tom Cruise DVDs.


5. Then to the library to return all of her L. Ron Hubbard books


6. Watched the fireworks with Suri while standing in a
custom-built bubble surrounded by 8 bodyguards


7. Took Suri to get ice cream.
They both got Chocolate Chip, the only flavor banned by Scientology.


8. Spent 5 hours calling friends and family she hadn’t spoken to since she met Tom.
Got as far as the letter “C” in her contact list.



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