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How I Would Have Ended “Entourage”

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Finally realizes all of his friends, and his brother, are worthless. Tells them all to screw off and that he’ll see them when they make the Entourage movie.

Johnny Drama:
Now that his brother has left, goes back to his real brother Matt Dillon, who mooches off Drama since he hasn’t made a movie in 15 years.

Gains back all of his weight…and more. So now he’s fatter than ever, Vince is gone and he’s a grown man with the name “Turtle.” It all adds up to one thing: No Spinoff for YOU!!

Sloan’s father shoots E and the bullet ricochets off his head. Miraculously, E is okay, although for some unexplained reason it causes him to finally get a personality.

Ari’s wife won’t take him back, his kids hate him, he’s fired from his job and is destitute. He has only one option: Move in with Lloyd.

Ari taught Lloyd so much about being an agent. Now they are living together and Lloyd can finally return the favor and teach Ari a thing or two. (wink wink)

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