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How Health Care Reform Affects Cartoon Characters

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Eating disorders are now covered, which means Olive Oyl can be treated for anorexia, Popeye for only eating spinach and Wimpy (the original “Supersize Me” guy) for only eating hamburgers 

Road Runner is finally covered if one of coyote’s pranks using an Acme product injures him

Charlie Brown’s parents are now eligible for throat surgery, so we can finally make sense of what they are saying

Unfortunately for Snoopy, dogs are still not covered

Both Sylvester the Cat (I tawt I taw a puddy tat) and and Elmer Fudd (wascally wabbitt) will be eligible for free speech lessons

Ironically, all these years Bugs Bunny has been saying “What’s up doc?”, but was never covered to see a doc…until now!!

Pink Panther can finally be tested to find out why he is pink…and whether or not it is contagious

Mickey Mouse’s wish has come true on two fronts: ear-reduction surgery for him and speaking of two fronts, a breast enlargement for girlfriend Minnie

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