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History -The Real Deal-Part 5

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Albert Einstein’s one regret:
He couldn’t quite figure out the mathematical equation that would have tamed his hair.

The rumors were not true.
President Millard Fillmore did not own the Fillmore East.
However, he was a partner in the Fillmore West,
as well as a strip club down the street.

The Washington Monument looks nothing like George Washington.

Prohibition ended when a majority of states protested 
the loss of revenue from drunk driving fines.

Pearl Harbor was not the intended target of the Japanese.
It was meant for a man known as Earl Barber.
(An obviously similar name thus the confusion)

Earl was a Hawaiian barber who,
for some unexplained reason, purposely gave all Japanese customers bad haircuts.

Fidel Castro first grew his famous beard when he was a stand-in
for Tom Hanks during the shooting of the movie “Cast Away.”

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