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Headlines…One Year From Now

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“U.S., At War With So Many Countries,
Decides “What the Hell”
and Bombs Switzerland and Canada.”

“Aliens Land On Earth…Already Have the iPad 7”

“After 5 Grueling Days,
Sarah Palin Finishes Her
First Word Search Puzzle”

“Newt Gingrich Is Disqualified
As A Presidential Candidate
After He Can’t Produce
His Birth Certificate”

“Newt Gingrich Breaks Down
and Reveals He Was Born In Kenya”

“Rave Reviews and Oscar Talk For “Sex and the City 3”

“President Obama Wears A Paisley Shirt…
Republicans Call “Paisley Shirts” Un-American”

“Cash Falls Out Of Mayor Michael Bloombergs’ Wallet,
NYC’s Financial Troubles End”

“Jennifer Aniston: Still No Baby”

“Tea Baggers Produce Their Own Brand Of Tea…
”Douchebag”-Brand Tea Fails To Catch On”

“Oprah Comes Out Of Retirement
To Host New Version of “Hollywood Squares”

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