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Headlines…One Year From Now

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“Casey Anthony Confirmed As Contestant On Next Season’s “Dancing With The Stars.”

“Frustrated Derek Jeter Still Just One Hit Shy Of  3,000”

“Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin Recites The Alphabet Incorrectly, Says It Was The Original Order Intended By  Our Forefathers.”

“New Health Care Bill Includes A “Free” Band-Aid For Every American That Actually Costs The Government $328 Each”

“A Lot Of  Tall Guys and Big Strong Men Spotted At Unemployment Offices Across the Country As NFL and NBA Lockouts Continue” 

“Anthony Weiner Back In Spotlight on Verizon Ads Saying “Can You See It Now?”

“Newt Gingrich’s Wife Breaks Her Ankle, He Immediately Files for Divorce.”

“Jose Reyes, On The Disabled List For More Than A Year, Forgets What Position He Plays”

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