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Harry Potter On Twitter

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“That bitch J.K. Rowling used me.
She made millions off of me and I got NOTHING.”

“I don’t know how I’m going to pay back my student loans.
Hogwarts is ridiculously overpriced.”

“No more movies, no more books.
I’m going to have to do autographs signings to survive.”

“Don’t tell anyone this:
Quidditch is not real!!
I said it and I feel so much better.”

“The job market sucks.
So many experienced wizards are driving taxis to make ends meet.”

“You would think I would have been invited to the Royal Wedding.
Nope. I watched it on TV like everyone else.”

“Perform on Broadway?
That’s the last thing I’d ever do.”

“Now that Amy Winehouse died who am I going to party with?”

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