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?? Guess Who’s Already on Twitter??

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As you probably know by now, Oprah recently learned she has a half-sister who was put up for adoption by Winfrey’s mother nearly 50 years ago.
Her name is “Patricia”…and guess what??…She’s already on Twitter.
Don’t believe me?
The proof is just below: some of the actual tweets from Oprah’s half-sister Patricia:

* How do you spell “yacht”? I want to put it on my “list”

* So far all she has given me is a subscription to her magazine…and because I am her half sister, it’s only for 6 months!

* Truth be told, I prefer “Ellen”

* Attention all friends, co-workers, etc.: stop asking me for money….we haven’t got to that conversation…yet.

* Talk about timing…we finally meet and her show is about to end! Just my luck!

* I wonder if Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz are on my health care plan

* Gayle is not happy that I surfaced…now she has to share Oprah with me.

* I should have taken as a sign back in third grade when my favorite crayon was “the color purple”.

* Well, one of my questions got answered today: “Yes, Stedman is breathing”.

* I’m not stopping here…I’m already working on trying to find out if Samuel L. Jackson is my brother

* Gayle just got me alone and said “Don’t even think about it….Her inheritance is mine, all mine”

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