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EVERY Super Bowl Party

Guaranteed To Be Heard At
EVERY Super Bowl Party

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“Don’t touch the TV with your dirty hands.
I bought it yesterday.
And I’m returning it tomorrow.”


“Is it Beyonce or is it Memorex?”


“The commercials suck this year.”


“The commercials are great this year.”

“I heard a 30-second ad
costs $23-million this year.”


“Ya know, millions of chickens can’t fly
just so we can enjoy buffalo wings.”


“Which one is Tom Brady?”


“Who’s wants to take this online quiz and find out
if your wife is cheating on you with your brother?”

“The Monday after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday.”


“No surprise:
The woman in my office who knows
the least about football won the pool.”


“This is the third year in a row I was invited to
a Transgender Vegan Super Bowl Party.
What are the odds?”


“I’m going with the Ravens because in reality
a raven would probably beat a 49er.
By pecking his eyes out.”


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