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God on Twitter/Saturday, May 21st

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“I am so proud of myself.
I pulled off the best practical joke of all time!!”“I can tell you this: If I was going to end the world,
it WOULDN’T be during the Subway Series.”

“And it WOULDN’T be on a Saturday either.
That’s the day I catch up on shows on my DVR.”

“Maybe I’ll do the locust thing to scare everyone.”

“Every time I hear someone say the word “rapture”,
all I think about is the Blondie song.”

“Speaking of songs, I wish radio stations would stop
playing REM’s “It’s The End of the World As We Know It.”
Enough already.”

“What’s up with Arnold Schwarzenegger and
that French dude both getting in trouble
with maids in the same week?”

“If I hear one more “end of the world” joke,
I might have to REALLY put an end to the world.”

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