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George Jetson On Twitter

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Why the hell did we name our son “Elroy?”
It’s not very futuristic sounding!”

“Trust me when I tell you
the future isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.”

“I might be out of a job soon.
Google is buying Spacely Sprockets.”

“Even though she is just a drawing,
my wife Jane is really hot.”

“Rosie the robot is the worst maid ever.
There’s dust everywhere, our windows
are always dirty and she spends her day
hanging out with the robot butler next door.”

“My wife is very good at wasting money.
Can you believe she signed
our dog (R)astro up for speech lessons?”

“I know it’s politically incorrect to say,
but I’m not really happy with the fact
that my daughter Judy
is dating someone from another galaxy.”

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