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Fred Flintstone On Twitter

translation services usa

Me + Wilma + Betty = Threesome

I could be wrong, but I have a feeling Bam Bam is on steroids

I love Dino…but picking up after him is disgusting

Man, we made a horrible deal with those “Fruity Pebbles” people…so far we’ve made only 3 rocks!

Mr. Slate is an ass

It’s our wedding anniversary …which means tonight Wilma is going to give me some “yabba dabba do”

The Great Gazoo is depressed…the government wants to deport him for being an illegal alien

Betty is depressed as well…and you can’t blame her. That’s what happens when Rosie O’Donnell plays you in a movie

“Flintstone Vitamins” are such a big hit that they now want us to endorse “Flintstone Suppositories”

After work today I am going door to door, hoping to get people to sign a petition against Walmart coming to Bedrock







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