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First Look: The Actual Zuckerberg Prenuptial Agreement (Or Maybe Not)

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Priscilla, if we do get divorced…


– You will receive $1-million, a $100 Facebook advertising credit and
a signed copy of The Social Network on DVD.

– Speaking of the Social Network, for the first five years after the divorce the only man you can have sexual relations with is Jesse Eisenberg, the actor who did a wonderful job playing me in the film.

-I will immediately cease referring to your breasts as “the Winklevoss twins”

-You get to keep your Facebook account, even though all you do is complain about how much you hate the new Timeline feature.
(In fact, if we do get divorced, there is a pretty good chance the Timeline is the reason)

-If we have children, I will get them on the weekends, at which time they will be required to participate in our all-night hacking sessions.
Even if they are just toddlers.

-You can have the 2010 Hyundai Elantra, the box of Facebook sweat shirts in the garage and our time share in Beirut.

– I will only date supermodels.
(I know this is irrelevant.
Just thought this would be a good opportunity to brag about it.)


In Summary:


The billions are mine, all mine.
And there is nothing you can do about it.



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