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EXCLUSIVE: Transcript of Trump/Palin Conversation At A NYC Pizza Place

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Sarah: Pizza? We don’t have that in Alaska. Do you shoot it or trap it?

Donald: No, it’s Italian.

Sarah: We don’t have that in Alaska either.

Donald: Pizza: Dough, cheese, sauce and toppings. You eat it with a knife and fork. (Editor’s Note: No, you don’t)

Sarah: Well then I’ll get a topping that’s been shot or trapped. And speaking of shot or trapped, what the hell is that on your head?

Donald: Funny, Sarah, funny. How would you like to be on my show “Celebrity Apprentice”, Sundays at 10 on NBC? It’s the highest rated show on the network (Editor’s Note: In his mind only)

Sarah: I already had my own reality show. One more and the rules say i can’t run for President. Can one of my kids with a weird name be on it instead?

Donald: I don’t think so. But maybe one of your kids would like to buy an apartment in one of my exclusive buildings here in Manhattan. 

Sarah: No thank you Mr. Trump. Golly-Gee, there are more people on one block of Times Square than there is in all of Wasilla.

Donald: You know Sarah, if you run for President you have to cut out that “Golly-Gee” nonsense. Speaking of which, are you going to run for President?

Sarah: I’ll tell you the answer if you get me that picture of Anthony Weiner’s weiner.

Donald: I can’t get you that. But I can get you my new cologne called…

Sarah: …Trump, right?

Donald: Yea, how’d you know?

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