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Chaz Bono On Twitter

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“I thought I was in the hospital to have my appendix removed.
Boy was I wrong.”

“I have a weiner! I have a weiner!”

“I just got a phone call telling me I am being inducted
into the Transgender Hall of Fame.”

“My mom has never had plastic surgery.” (She told me to write that)

“Some kid wanted my autograph because he thought
I was in the movie “Transformers.”
I told him “No, it’s transgender, kid.
Ask your mom what that is.
Now get lost.”

“I only had my operation so I could control the TV remote.”

“Peeing standing up is cool.
And I save so much time now that I don’t have to wait in line for the ladies room.”

“You know what I do in my spare time now?
Go to construction sites and whistle at the women passing by.”

“You know what I just realized?
I’m the first transgender contestant on “Dancing With The Stars.”

“I never competed on “Dancing With The Stars” before because
people always told me you have to have balls to go on that show.”

“I put all of my old stuff on eBay.
Today I sold 3 dresses, a pair of earrings and an unopened box of tampons.”

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