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What Are Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Googling These Days?

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Black Friday: The Movie

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Nursery Rhymes…As Interpreted By A Jewish Grandmother

Jack and Jill Jack and Jill went up the hill (Be careful, my Jackie…that hill is very steep. And who’s this tramp Jill? Is she Jewish? I bet she’s a shiksa.) To fetch a pail of water (You mean to tell me you are risking your life for some water. I have plenty of water […] more

High Profile Job Openings

  Producer/The Academy Awards: Must be able to deal with egos, egos and more egos. Ball busters, too. Having every A-lister on speed dial required.Proficiency in Excel a plus. Ability to make a 3-hour show featuring every big name in Hollywood as boring as possible essential.  Host/The Academy Awards: Must have ego, ego and more […] more

People Are Writing Letters Again: Part 3

Dear Mr. Barnes, How many times can I tell you: No receipt, no refund. Period. Fondly, Mr.Noble Dear Basic Cable, Enough with the cooking competition shows! I can’t even remember most of their names: “Top Chef,” “Cupcake Wars,”Borscht Battles, “Casserole Combat,”Stromboli Struggle.” Enough!! Pick one and get rid of the rest. This is not a […] more

If Dr. Conrad Murray Were On Twitter

  “Damn!! What an inconvenience! Now I have to cancel all of those magazine subscriptions for my waiting room.” “I hope my cellmate doesn’t want to play doctor with me.” “I hope my cellmate doesn’t try and “take my temperature.” “Tito did it!!” “Do you think they will still let me write prescriptions?” “They should […] more

Jay Z’s Big Book Of Fairy Tales

 He’s about to become a dad, so Jay Z decided to sit down and re-write some of our most beloved fairy tales and put them in a book. Here, for the first time, are just some of the titles: “Goldie Glock and the Three Bears” “Rapunzel and Her Extra-Long Weave” “Hova and Gretal” “Big Pimpin’ […] more

Random Friday

Something tells me pretty soon the number of people protesting at Occupy South Beach will be dramatically more than those on Wall Street You turn back the clock this Sunday, which means an extra hour of sleep. Or if you’re Kim Kardashian, an extra hour to plan your next wedding. Speaking of Kardashian, she says […] more

Herman Cain: The Movie

Who knew he could act? Who knew he could sing? Pizza man delivers. Coming soon to a theatre near you.           [adsenseyu2]                   more

Reasons Why Kim Kardashian Filed For Divorce

She stumbled upon his stats  and found out the truth: He’s not the NBA superstar he said he was. He didn’t fit in well with her “brand.” Duh…She was scheduled to tape the divorce episode in just 6 days. She found it creepy to be calling out her mother’s name during sex. Before getting married […] more