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Casey Anthony On Twitter

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“I am not a murderer…but there is someone I would kill and that’s Nancy Grace.”

“Since the verdict O.J. Simpson keeps calling me. Says we have a lot in common…whatever that means. Also wants me to buy some memorabilia.

‘Well, my daughter is dead and my family isn’t speaking to me, so I guess I’ll go out dancing.”

“Since when is it a crime to Google?”

“If I don’t have to stay in jail I’m flying to NYC to see Jeter get his 3,000th hit.”

“Did I mention I hate Nancy Grace?”

“I can now reveal who Caylee’s father is: Regis!”

“Guess what I’m doing next? I’m going to Disney World!!”

“I am not a liar!! Don’t believe me? Ask my husband, Brad Pitt.”

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