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A Re-Examination of Our Beloved Cartoon Characters

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Last week I watched every episode of “The Jetsons”
and there were no iPods, iPads or MacBooks.
Which means either Apple products
will be obsolete in the future
or “The Jetsons” is an inaccurate portrayal
of life in the future.


Mickey Mouse is a huge star,
yet what has he done in his career?
When was the last time he had a big movie?
I don’t get it.

On the other hand, Snoopy never got
enough credit for his play at shortstop.

I wish Snoopy were my dog.
You never need to walk him and more importantly,
my softball team needs a shortstop.

Remember that old lady who owned Tweety Bird?
I heard she was a real looker back in the day.

If Charlie Brown were a kid today
he would suck at video games.


If Bam-Bam were alive today
he would be on Ritalin.

Sad news:
The Acme company has filed for bankruptcy. No new cartoons = no business.




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