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Carmelo on Twitter

translation services usa
What the hell was I thinking?”

“Things to do today:
1. Practice
2. Cancel subscriptions to the NY Post and The NY Daily News”
3. Meet with agent”

“Man, the Garden crowd sure chants “DEFENSE” a lot.
What a waste of time!”

“I’m thinking about  renting a house,
instead of buying  one.”

“Damn…what a difference…
the Denver media consists of one
83-year-old newspaper reporter…
who still uses a typewriter.”

“I keep forgetting to ask my wife
why the hell her name is “Lala.”

“What’s the deal with Spike Lee?
He’s at every game…
does this guy ever make a movie?”

“I feel like an idiot…
just found out our coaches first name isn’t Dan.”

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