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Bumper Stickers 2012 Style

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“Make War, Not Love -And Make Dick Cheney Richer”


“Honk If You Love Pan-Seared Chilean Sea Bass”


“Don’t Follow Me, I’m Lost…
Thanks To This Crappy GPS I Got At The Dollar Store”

“My Smart Phone Is Smarter Than Your Smart Phone”

“Proud Parents Of A Serial Killer”


“I Brake For Texters Crossing the Street…and Hipsters, Too!”


“If You Can Read This Bumper Sticker,
You Can Read The Tina Fey Bestseller “Bossypants”…
Now Available In Paperback”


“My Son Is Going To Yale –
Thanks To The Kid He Paid To Take The SAT’s For Him”


“Wanna See Me Drunk & Practically Naked?
Check Out My Facebook Page”


“My Other Car Was Made In The USA –
It’s In The Shop Again So I’m Driving My Reliable Japanese Car”



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