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Brain Freeze and Beyond: Mysteries of the Universe

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Scientists have figured out what causes brain freeze.*

(Talk about a lock for a Nobel Prize)

Now that that’s done, what are they working on next?

Why is it the closer you get to home, the more you have to pee?


Why are there so many fat people at Disney theme parks?


If it’s not TV, what is HBO?


Why will teenagers do ANYTHING not  to make an actual phone call?


How did Piers Morgan get a TV show?


Why  does Wile E. Coyote dislike Roadrunner so much?


How did Newt Gingrich get 3 women to marry him?


Why is there  no word that rhymes with “orange?”


If you drop a penny from the Empire State Building, could it kill a pedestrian below?


Were those really Oprah’s “Favorite Things” all those years?


(You have one? Feel free to share it with the class)

*Brain Freeze Explained: The “freeze” may stem from the boosted pressure in the brain as blood rushes in, and could be a self-defense mechanism, the researchers say. The brain is “fairly sensitive to temperature,” explains one, so the process of widening the vessels “might be moving warm blood inside tissue to make sure the brain stays warm.”  FULL STORY



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