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Betsy Ross On Twitter (Happy 4th)

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“Can you imagine what I’ve could have done if I had a sewing machine?”

“Red, white and blue? I had no idea…I’m color-blind.”

“Yes, I made the first American flag, and I’m proud that I did, don’t get me wrong.
But why do people forget the fact that I won the Olympic  gold medal for the long  jump?”

“Fun Fact: My sister is Marion Ross, Mrs. C on “Happy Days.”

“My biggest mistake?
I should have asked for royalties on that flag.
My lawyer is the worst!
You know how many of those suckers have been sold!!”

“Do you know how hard it was to sew those damn stars? Do you?”

“The first flag I made was rejected by George Washington,
who had the nerve to call it a “schmatta.”

“Got some bad news today:
My reality show “America’s Next Great Sewer” was cancelled.

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