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Anthony Weiner’s Weiner on Twitter

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“Is it just me, or do I look fat in the  picture?”

“Believe me when  I tell you I’m no big deal. Don’t forget I’m attached to a Jewish guy. “

“You think I’m famous? I’m nothing compared to my great, great grandfather, Oscar Meyer.”

“Boy, I’m getting a lot of exposure.”

“Look for me on the cover of next month’s “Political Scandal Magazine.” I’m the centerfold.”

“And to think, just a few days ago I was just another weiner.”

“Boy do I have stories! I’d like to write a book, but I guess it’s a little premature to talk about that.”

“Anthony bris was the worst day of my life. I can’t believe no one gave me any warning!”

“While I’m on the subject, why did they call it “Anthony’s bris?” Technically it was mine. And I don’t even like appetizing.”

“Speaking of pain, man does it hurt when he takes Viagra. I’m talking pain for hours. I just wasn’t made to do that”

“I alway knew that if something like this happened I would rise to the occasion.”

“He’s a politician. What did you expect?”

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