American History: The Real Deal

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The colors blue and gray are synonymous with the Civil War
but did you know that when the war began the two sides tried
differentiating themselves by employing shirts and skins.


After returning from his historic trip to the moon,
Neil Armstrong tried unsuccessfully
to pay a hooker with moon rocks.


A fact you may NOT  want to know:
Besides being known as America’s best-known explorers,
Lewis and Clark were also known to occasionally
explore each others bodies.


Besides playing a key role in the Civil War, Robert. E. Lee was also a terrific dancer.


Charles Lindbergh once owned a chain of fast food restaurants called Lindbergers.


Henry Ford thought seat belts were for sissies.


Susan B. Anthony was America’s most influential proponent of rights for women.
She was also so ugly, they had to use a picture of someone else for the
Susan B. Anthony dollar coin.


Even though JFK was elected President of the United States,
he still considered the airport he built in NYC his greatest achievement.


General Douglas MacArthur is known for saying  “I shall return”
but, like many famous quotes,
its been taken out of context over the years.
The truth is one night he was having dinner with friends
in a Mexican restaurant when he got sick
and quickly went to the men’s room.
When he got back to the table they asked MacArthur how he felt…
to which he replied “Not good.
In fact I have to go again, but I shall return.”

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