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American History : “The Real Deal” Part 3

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The crack in the Liberty Bell was fixed once.
But no one wanted to see just a plain bell…
so they cracked it again.

Besides the American Flag,
Betsy Ross also sewed her
husband’s mouth shut
during a heated argument.

Christopher Columbus had a fourth ship
no one ever mentions
called “The Bahama Mama.”

Writer Thomas Q. Smithson
was a victim of the War of 1812.
Smithson was given the
task of naming the war.
When all he came up with
was the generic “War of 1812”
they shot him on the spot.

There was actually a sales receipt
for The Louisiana Purchase.
It specifically said if we changed our minds
within 10 days, France would
give us a credit only…
no cash back, no exceptions.

Amelia Earhart’s disappearance
was no accident.
She planned it all after running up
credit card bills totally over $26,000.

People always think that the Indians
selling Manhattan to the Dutch for $24
in 1626 for $24 was the worst deal ever.
What they don’t take into account is
that when adjusted for inflation,
it’s the equivalent of 3-gazillion dollars today.

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