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American History: “The Real Deal” Part 2

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Few people know The Wright Brothers
invited their dear friend Samuel Higgins
with them on their first flight.
Higgins wrote it was “the thrill of a lifetime.”
However, he became
“highly upset” upon landing,
when he found out they had lost his luggage. 

Al Gore did not invent the Internet,
but he did have a hand
in designing the Snuggie.

The first phone call ever
made was by its inventor,
Alexander Graham Bell.
The second call was made by his assistant,
Thomas Watson, telling Bell to stop calling him.

The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
actually began at 10:30pm.

The Boston Tea Party originated in Rhode Island…
but it was moved when they realized
it had the word “Boston” in its title.

“Read my lips. No new taxes.”
wasn’t the only broken campaign promise
made by George Bush in 1988.
He also said “I will never allow
my idiot son to run for President.”

There was nothing great
about “The Great Depression.”

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