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24 Hours of Headlines (Or “Where Did We Go Wrong?”)

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Want to know how we are doing as a country?
Simply open up a newspaper…or go to one online.
I did just that, keeping track of headlines
for a random 24-hour period:

Wednesday, June 6th 7am – Thursday, June 7th, 7am.
They speak volumes.
And remember: This is ONLY 24 hours.



Face-Eating Site Now A Tourist Attraction


Girlfriend: I Felt Safe With Face-Eater


Mom Arrested For Cheering At Graduation


Couple Googled “Ways To Kill People In Their Sleep”
Then Strangled Girl


Women Wins $900K After Contracting Herpes From Sex Partner


Taco Bell Sold 100-Million Doritos Locos Tacos In 10 Weeks


Bank Gives Man Counterfeit Money, Refuses To Refund It


Designer Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat Operates iPad, Has Two Maids


Amanda Bynes Charged With DUI, Asks Obama To Get Cop Fired


She Ran Over Her Boyfriend, Killed Him
Because He Broke Her iPhone


Kanye West’s Much-Hyped Air Yeezy-2 Sneakers Going For $80K Online


Man Allegedly Made Underage Sons Drink Liquor,
Threw Them In Pool As Punishment


Artist Turns His Deceased Cat Into A Helicopter


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