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2011 Oscar Nominated Films – The Bad Reviews

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You can’t please everyone.
Even the best movies of the year get bad reviews.
So I scoured the web looking for those reviews
and bring you my favorite for each.
They’re all short and cliched.


My Week With Marilyn: “…Felt Like a Month”

Moneyball:  “A Swing And A Miss”

The Help: “Needs Help”

Hugo: “Don’t Go!”

The Descendants:  “More Like Descent Into Hell”

The Artist:No Words Can Describe This Trash”

Midnight In Paris: “Sleep Time”

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo:  “Put The Tattoo Needle In My Eye Instead”

War Horse: “Bore Horse”

Tree of Life: “Dead On Arrival”

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: “…And Horribly Made”


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